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    Aug 25

    The Benefits Of Window Replacement

    With it comes to home exterior windows replacement, energy efficiency is a very crucial factor to consider. Energy conservation saves money and that’s why most people consider this aspect when selecting the windows they want to install. There are numerous dissimilar choices regarding energy efficiency.

    All Pro Remodeling Windows

    To purchase a good window you don’t have to spend extra, you basically need to research better. If you’re an engineer then this information will definitely speak to you. If you’re not an engineer then I encourage you to read on. Here you’ll get a clear explanation of how ratings relate to performance. Lack of research will nearly lead you to a bad decision. The right research will reveal the truth.

    We recommend that you look at 4 ratings when evaluating replacement windows. The best items have high ratings for energy performance and are very energy efficient. Then we strongly urge you to look at who certifies the product and ratings and the importance of AAMA certification.

    1. U-Factor – the heat flow through a window. The lower the U-factor the better it’ll block the flow of heat.

    2. Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency (SHGC) – The higher the SHGC the more the solar heat is being transmitted via the window glass.

    3. Desirable Pressure (DP) Rating- This is the measure of the product’s strength against hurricane force windows and the penetration of water on both sides of the window. A DP rating of 50 or higher is preferred.

    4. AIR –The more airtight a window is, the better it’ll insulate and the lower the air leakage.

    What makes the best energy efficient window replacement? 

    · It must be certified by reliable authorities such as Energy Star and the National Fenestration Rating Counsel (NFRC).

    · It contain low levels of argon gas

    · Most have vinyl frames

    · Some have double-pane glass with a Rating value of 2-10

    Benefits of these window types

    · They help in saving energy bills as they’re capable of retaining heat during cold weather

    · Using vinyl frames with the most energy efficient replacement window offers maximum efficiency particularly if it’s made with spectrally selective glass.

    · They reflect infrared radiation while permitting more light in. These are particularly those that are low-e spectrally selective.

    · You can use them in reducing carbon “footprint”

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